Merit Bars

Merit Bars are awards that recognize DeMolays for their achievement in some phase of Chapter and personal activity.

They are awarded on the recommendation of the Awards Advisor. The Chapter Advisory Council makes the final decision about whether an individual has met the requirements for each bar.

The categories in which Merit Bars are awarded through DeMolay International are Athletics, Attendance, Civic Service, Conclave, Correspondence Course, Fine Art, Fund Raising, Installing, Journalism, Masonic Attendance, Masonic Service, Membership, Merit, Priory, Religion, Ritual, Scholastic, and Visitation. Their requirements are listed below.

Each Merit Bar is earned in five colors:

Merit Bars


Merit Bar Requirements


For participating in a Chapter or Manor's athletic program a full year with a minimum of six (6) game competitions in one or more sports. Included are bowling and rifle.


For perfect attendance at regular meetings for one (1) year in a member’s Chapter or Manor, or if far away from home, for the same number of meetings of some other Chapter or Manor. Make-up meetings counted toward the Attendance Bar will not be used to fulfill the requirements for the Visitation Bar.


A member must contribute ten (10) hours of service on behalf of the Chapter or Manor without financial remuneration to the individual or the Chapter or Manor in three different civic service projects of the Chapter or Manor.


For attending three (3) State, Jurisdictional, or Provincial Conclaves as a participant or as a visitor.


The Leadership Correspondence Course is a five-course program, which is available in eScribe when you log into your profile with your email address as your username and your ID# as your password. The Lamp of Knowledge Certificate is awarded for successful completion of all five (5) courses. Merit Bars are awarded on the successful completion of each course.


For working in or on a musical group with a minimum of three (3) performances or for participating in a minimum of two (2) theatrical productions. These need not be DeMolay related.


Work on at least three (3) different fund raising projects for the Chapter or Manor, for a total of twenty (20) hours, without direct financial remuneration to himself.


For completing one (1) fitness goal, one (1) nutritional goal and for participating in at least one (1) sports or fitness activity within a period of, and continuing for, one (1) year. Goals are to be set by each individual with the approval of an Advisor.


For participating in three (3) Chapter or Manor installation ceremonies, from memory, as a member of the installing team.


For being a member of, or submitting to, a Chapter or Manor newspaper, public newspaper, electronic newspaper, web newsletter, web site, or any other form of published communication with at least six articles submitted and published, copies of which are forwarded to the Executive Officer of your Jurisdiction. The Merit Bar must be ordered by the Chapter or Manor in the routine manner.


Awarded to an active DeMolay or Squire who brings in three (3) different Master Masons in good standing, to one (1) or more DeMolay Chapter or Manor meetings. He may not be an Advisor of any Chapter or Jurisdiction. He must list each Mason and have the list confirmed by both the Master Councilor or Master Squire and the Chapter Advisor. Limited to one bar per year.


For participating in three (3) different Chapter or Manor Masonic Service projects with a minimum of ten (10) hours without financial remuneration to either individual or Chapter.


For securing and being the first line signer for three (3) membership applicants who are initiated into the Chapter or Manor.


For contributing twenty (20) hours of service to DeMolay in an area not covered by another bar with no financial remuneration to the individual or the Chapter.


For completing one (1) year's service in a military or auxilary organization such as JROTC, ROTC, Civil Air Patrol or regular or reserve armed forces.


Be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year and attend two-thirds of the Priory functions. (Priory must have held a minimum of six activities other than regular meetings.)


For attending at least thirty (30) regular weekly religious services per year.


For sustained and EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH GRADE work in either or both degrees with a minimum of 125 points earned according to the Supreme Council point scale. Points are awarded for a part each time the part is given.


For driving one (1) year with no ifractions as measured from the anniversary date of the issuance of a permit or license.


Maintains a “B” grade average (or equivalent) for one (1) full year of school.


Utilize technology in a way that is beneficial to the Chapter, Manor or Jurisdiction in an area not covered by another merit bar.


For six (6) visitations at regular Chapter meetings of a Chapter or Manor other than his own, or a total traveled distance of 150 miles (one way).

Leader's Correspondence Course

Use the button below to go to the on-line Leaders' Correspondence Course:

Representative DeMolay

The Representative DeMolay Award is the highest self-achievement award Active and Senior DeMolays can earn. It’s a self-assessment program where you progress towards goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey of your interests, achievements, general knowledge, and habits. The Representative DeMolay program was first established in 1924, and for many years was a competition to select outstanding DeMolays. In 1935, the program was redesigned to fill a growing need for self-evaluation by every DeMolay.

Dad Land said it was his dream that every DeMolay should be a Representative DeMolay.





The Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Service Award was originated by the Founder of the Order of DeMolay, "Dad" Frank S. Land. He recognized the tremendous advantage gained by the Master Councilor in having a pre-planned program for his term of office. When such a program has been planned and distributed to the Chapter membership in printed form, the Master Councilor has gone a long way in achieving goals he has set.

While the newly elected Master Councilor is the only one qualified to apply for and achieve the award, he cannot do it alone. The requirements can only be met through the combined efforts of the entire Chapter. The Master Councilor must provide the leadership to inspire his fellow DeMolays toward a well-rounded program.

"Dad" Land wrote the qualifications for the award and designed the jewel which is now proudly worn by those who have accomplished success in their term as Master Councilor. We hope that you will qualify for this coveted award.

You can download the necessary documents below and e-mail them to:

Dad Dale Dietzman



DeMolay Florida
P.O. Box 130205
Tampa, FL 33681-0205





DeMolay International

Merit Bar

The Membership Merit Bar is granted to a DeMolay for being the first-line signer on three membership applications.

#1 Lapel Pin

It’s exciting to sign up your first new member. The #1 lapel pin recognizes this important achievement.

Founder’s Membership Award

This award is granted to a DeMolay who is the first-line signer on his first five membership applications.

Blue Honor Key

The Blue Honor Key is awarded to an Active or Senior DeMolay for being the first-line signer for 10 new members initiated by the Chapter. These 10 membership applications do not have to be secured for any one class or in any one year. An active member who secures fewer than 10 applications before he reaches his majority may complete the requirements list after he reaches majority. Additional Blue Honor Keys, with stars to designate each multiple of 10 new members secured, are also granted.

DeMolay Florida

Membership awards are given for securing new DeMolay initiates. DeMolay Florida grants these awards automatically.

Defender of Florida DeMolay


The "Defender of DeMolay Florida" award is for Active DeMolays who First Line Sign two (2) New Members in the same calendar Year.

Commander of Florida DeMolay


The "Commander of DeMolay Florida" medal is awarded to a Master Councilor of a DeMolay Florida Chapter that reaches their annual membership goal, by initiating at least half of that goal within their term of office. Our Annual goal is currently set at eight (8) new members per Chapter. Therefore, a Master Councilor who initiates a minimum of four (4) new members in their term of office is qualified for this award. Both Master Councilors may qualify if they each initiate at least four (4) new members in each of their terms.