DeMolay International maintains an International DeMolay Alumni Hall of Fame in Kansas City where the Order was founded in 1919. Among the Hall's outstanding members are Walt Disney and John Wayne. The idea of promoting DeMolay in the "Sunshine State" by establishing a DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame began in 1993, and in 1994 that dream became a reality due to the hard work of a 15-member Board of Governors led by Dad W. E. "Gene" Muir, the elected President of the Board.

The DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame's first inductee was Brother and Governor Reuben O'D. Askew, Esq., recipient of DeMolay's Active Legion of Honor and member of the DeMolay International Alumni Hall of Fame. Then, in 1995, at the Scottish Rite temple in Orlando, three more outstanding brethren were inducted: Bros. Marvin W. Gerhard, William F. Glynn and G Lawrence Hunt. Many Masonic dignitaries, DeMolay officers and representatives of several Masonic organizations attended the Orlando ceremony.

Later, in 1997, the Clearwater York Rite Bodies donated their second floor for the purpose of serving as the physical location and headquarters of the DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame. An elaborate dedication ceremony was planned on June 1, 1996. The keynote speaker for the event was Senior DeMolay and Florida State Senaror, the Honorable Jack Latvala, who spoke of his years as a member of DeMolay and how they positively affected his life and career.

The DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame also established its esteemed "Diplomat" distinction, calling recognition to pillars in the community who live lives consistent with the teachings of DeMolay, but were never members of the Order of DeMolay in their youth.

After the sale of the Clearwater York Rite facility, the DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame maintains a display of memorabilia and photographs of its inductees at the Tampa Scottish Rite facility.

The purpose of the DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame is to pay tribute to Senior DeMolays who have gone on to pursue careers of influence, positions of stature or other lifelong achievements, and who credit their success in some manner to their experiences in DeMolay. Should you know of a Senior DeMolay who you would like to see considered for induction, please contact, who will put you in contact with the Board of Governors.

DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame Members:

  • Gov. Reubin O’Donovan Askew, Esq.
  • Rev. Joseph E. Bronson
  • Dick Crippen
  • W. Dale Dietzman
  • Marvin W. Gerhard
  • Russell B. Glendinning
  • Dr. William F. Glynn
  • Allan J. Graulich
  • Dallas W. Heim, Jr.
  • G. Lawrence Hunt, P.G.M.
  • Dr. Dennis L. Jones
  • Julian Grady Kicklighter, Jr.
  • James H. Kirby, PSMC (FL)
  • Lt. Gov. Jeffrey Kottkamp
  • Hon. Lawson L. Lamar, Esq.
  • Sen. Jack Latvala, PSMC (FL)
  • M.W. Roy Theodore Lord
  • William A. Marti
  • Maj. Elmer O. McBride
  • Jerome M. Meguiar
  • Walter E. “Gene” Muir
  • M.W. Michael A Padron, Jr.
  • Rev, George H. Price
  • Owen E. Reuterwall, Jr.
  • Harry Andrew Rosenthal, Jr.
  • Hon. David Gray Ross
  • Sen. Jerry Thomas
  • Sen. Pat Thomas
  • Dr. Edward K. Walker
  • William Gordon Wardell
  • Donald J. Watson

Those listed below were honored by the DeMolay Florida Hall of Fame as pillars in the community, and not being Senior DeMolays, were presented with the Hall of Fame “Diplomat” Award:

MW Jacques Couture
Jack H Jones
T. Terrell Sessums, Esq.

DeMolay International Hall of Fame - Members from Florida

  • Gov. Reubin O’Donovan Askew, Esq. - Pensacola Chapter
  • Walter Laneir "Red" Barber - Seminole Chapter
  • Christian Rudolph "Buddy" Ebsen - John M. Cheney Chapter

DeMolay International Hall of Fame