DeMolay Month Resources

NOW is the time to SHARE DeMolay!

Each year, the month of March is DeMolay Month!

During March, your Chapter will Celebrate DeMolay with your communities. You will plan an event for each of our seven virtues. We want you to open the doors and get out in the community and let them know what we do, who we are and what our goals are!

Get a Proclamation signed

You can get a proclamation signed by the Mayor/Civic Leader of your city. You can make a phone call, email or send a letter asking if you can get this proclamation signed by the Mayor/Civic Leader. The letter and proclamation template (editable .docx file) can be downloaded from the button below for you to use. Be sure to dress nice and take pictures! Have fun and meet the leaders of your community!

DeMolay Month Resource Packet

Get more information and lots of great ideas to help you make the most out of DeMolay Month by downloading and using the "DeMolay Month Resource Packet" provided by DeMolay International.