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Each Chapter will have the opportunity to accumulate points on a monthly basis by hosting and participating in DeMolay events. At the close of the program year, the Chapter with the most points will be named “DeMolay Florida’s Chapter of the Year”.

Every Chapter will be recognized for their achievements in this program no matter how large or small.

This program will run from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.


Included in the program are twelve (12) "Chapter of the Year” Monthly Reports, one (1) DeMolay Month Bonus Report, and one (1) Bonus Report, which you will find as tools that can work wonders for your Chapter.

We know that your Chapter's participation in this program will help shape a FUN and exciting DeMolay experience. Each Chapter has an equal opportunity to earn points regardless of their size, and every Chapter is expected to participate.

Your Chapter Advisor, Chapter of the Year Program Chairman and Committee should plan with the two (2) Master Councilors of the year, a definite program to cover as many of the activities outlined in this program in a commendable manner.

If your Chapter follows this program, it will reap benefits beyond your wildest imagination! This program is a key to a very successful year, and by participating, you will be taking that first step toward being a well-rounded and successful Chapter.


  • Carefully read each Monthly Report and plan your activities around these reports.
  • Have FUN QUALITY events by getting as many in attendance from your prospects, members, inactive members, advisors, sweethearts, Senior DeMolays, Masonic Family and supporters
  • Fill out each Monthly Report accurately and truthfully and submit by the deadline.
  • Watch your Chapter and Members grow in a robust and exciting DeMolay experience!


Careful consideration should be given to the selection of your Chapter’s “Chapter of the Year” Program Chairman and Committee Members, who can be either active DeMolays, Senior DeMolays, or Advisors.

It will be the "Chapter of the Year Program" Chairman's responsibility to:

  • Fully understand this program, their specific duties, and how it will help your Chapter.
  • To consult with your Chapter Master Councilor and Chapter Advisor and see that provisions are made in the Chapter calendar for the activities that are encouraged in this program.
  • To be certain that the Chapter meets the minimum requirements of participation in order to be eligible for points. Minimum attendance at any DeMolay event is 3 DeMolays and 1 Advisor from your Chapter, unless otherwise specified in the program.
  • To submit the Monthly Report online as soon as it is completed or before the tenth (10th) day of each month. Simply fill in the points claimed and submit the Monthly Report following its completion. Be sure to double check the form for completeness and accuracy.

NOTE: The claimed points that your Chapter submits shall be verified by the "Chapter of the Year Program" committee.


Carefully read each Monthly Report and plan your terms accordingly, try to plan at least 3-4 months in advance. Planning your Chapter's Activities in advance is the key to success in this program. It will be important for certain information to be gathered in order to plan a program effectively. Get creative and think outside the box, have FUN and grow our Order!

Make sure you calculate your points accurately and truthfully.

  • Plan an event and make sure to send out an invitation to all members, be sure that all the members are on the email list, so you can keep in touch. You never know what event will spark the interest of that inactive member.
  • Be sure to invite all Masonic groups (Masons, Eastern Star, Shriners, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow, etc.) to your events. They may have a free day and will be willing to come to your event.
  • Offer to perform a public ceremony at any Masonic Group events. Such as installations, open houses, family nights, etc.
  • Civic Activities can be your MC’s charity, the State Charity, or helping with a specific need in your community.
  • When writing an article for the Meridian Sun, be sure to include a photo and the who, what, when, where details of your event and email it to: news@fldemolay.com. Deadline is the 25th of each month for the next month’s issue.
  • For Retention & Senior DeMolays, try to find out why members, active, Senior DeMolay and Advisors, are not coming back to DeMolay. Be sure that they have a ride, know when each event is and make them feel needed and welcome in your Chapter!
  • For the Obligatory Days, create an event for each one. During the Month of March, create an event for the 7 Cardinal Virtues. Be creative, have fun and let the community know how great your Chapter is!


  • FUN EVENT - Laser Tag, Bowling, Video Game Tournament, Board Game Night, etc.
  • SOCIAL EVENT - Lodge invites you to speak (no donation), Youth Honoring, Pizza Party with Girls Organizations, etc.
  • ATHLETIC - Played football in the park, practiced basketball for Conclave, etc.
  • FUND RAISING - any event or activity that generates funds for the Chapter, e.g.: a fund raiser, donations or passing the basket.
  • MASONIC SERVICE - cleaning the Lodge, pulling weeds and trimming trees, serving a dinner, etc. without getting payment for doing those projects.
  • CIVIC ACTIVITY - a community service project, beautification project, promoting DeMolay in your community (e.g. table at Farmer's Market, First Friday, Community 5K, etc.).

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