Conclave 2022


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Concalve '22 was held in Jacksonville, Florida from July 30 - August 3.
It was a great time of fellowship, competition, and FUN! We initiated seventeen (17) new members, had a lot of FUN, crowned champions in Sports and Ritual, had a lot of FUN, honored our deserving members and advisors, had a lot of FUN, elected and installed our new State Master Councilor, Deputy State Master Councilor, State Scribe and State Sweetheart, had a lot of FUN, learned a lot in our JBU classes, and had a lot of FUN!

Saturday, July 30 -
Conclave Opening

The 2022-2023 Grand Lodge of Florida

State Master Councilor Brian Wade Speigner, Jr. opened Conclave 2022 on Saturday evening. He welcomed all of our Distinguished Guests.

We held the Chevalier Degree for our 2022 Chevalier recipients:

From Left to Right
  • Nicholas R.
  • Christian M.
  • Dillion B.
  • Zackary B.
  • Dad Eric Evangelista
  • Dillion S.
  • Dad David Boydston

Paul Revere Chapter performed the Cross of Honor ceremony for our 2022 recipients:

  • Dad Brendon Blankinship
  • Mom Heather Earnhart

We ALL wished Dad Jody a very Happy Birthday!!!

Fun and Games and Fun Followed!!!

Sunday, July 31 -
Football, Advisor Training, Squire Induction, Initiation, Banquet and Talent Show

To our newest Brothers, WELCOME!

DeMolay Florida welcomes our seventeen newest Brothers! They were initated into our Order Sunday afternoon.

Squires in Action!

Our Squires program continues to grow! We Inducted three (3) New Squires!

  • Ethan S. - Clermont
  • Zeke W. - Clermont
  • Jayden M. - First Coast

Talent Show

The Talent show was well attended and we have over 10 acts perform! Fun was had by ALL!

Monday, August 1 -
Devotional and Memorial Services, 8 Ball Tournament, Ritual competitions more JBU’s, more Advisor Training and the "Sports" Themed Banquet

Eli J. - C. Allen Pattison Chapter
2022-2023 SMC

SMC, DSMC and State Scribe Elections

Congratulations to brother Eli J. from C. Allen Pattison Chapter who was elected State Master Councilor, brother Nick R. from Bahia Chapter who was elected Deputy State Master Councilor, and Dillon S. from John Wayne Chapter who was elected State Scribe. Together we can make DeMolay Florida the best it can be. Congratulations!

Nick R. - Bahia Chapter
2022-2023 DSMC

Dillon S. - Escambia Chapter
2022-2023 State Scribe

"Sports" Themed Banquet

Monday night brought a "Sports" themed dinner party! Everyone came dressed in their favorite team jersey, and had some great food an a whole tail-gate full of FUN!

Our SMC Wade S. also gave out his hand-picked SMC Outstanding Service awards to:

  • Nick R. Outstanding DMC
  • Dad Brian Wade Speigner, Sr.
  • Mason W.
  • Max M.
  • Stone P.
  • Aiden B.

Tuesday, August 2 -
Beach Volleyball, Installation of Officers and State Sweetheart Crowning

Beach Volleyball

The final athletic event for Concalve '22 was 2-man and 6-man Beach Volleyball.

Congratulations to the winners!

  • 6-Man

  • First Coast Chapter
    • Nick S.
    • Jacob C.
    • Henry G.
    • Brett J.
    • William O.
    • Christian R.

  • 2-Man

  • First Coast Chapter
    • Brett J.
    • Stone P.

Other Athletic Award Winners

Chess - Sebastian B. - Bahia

8 Ball - Dillon S. - Escambia

The Sportsmanship Trophy - Bahia

Ritual Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners!

Exam Querries

Nick S. - First Coast

1st Preceptor

Ethan T. - Escambia

3rd Preceptor

Zach B. - Manatee County

4th Preceptor

Ryder Y. - Anclote

6th Preceptor

Dillon S. - Escambia

7th Preceptor

Jacob C. - First Coast

Senior Inquisitor

Jacob C. - First Coast

Junior Inquisitor

Stone P. - First Coast


Stone P. - First Coast

Flower Talk

Gabriel S. - Marion

Ceremony of Light

Jacob C. - First Coast

Nine O'Clock

First Coast

Formal Banquet, Installation and State Sweetheart Crowning

We had a fantastic Formal Dinner to close out Conclave 2022. We were honored by the presence of many dignitaries from our various Masonic Family organizations. We also had the pleasure of announcing the winners for the Athletic and Ritual competitions and to present several awards for the past year.

Distinguished Service Award

Dad Jody Meguiar presented the Distinguished Service Award to:

  • Eli J. - C. Allen Pattison Chapter
  • Dillon S. - Escambia Chapter

Chapter of the Year

First Coast Chapter won DeMolay Florida's Chapter of the Year for 2021-2022. Congratulations on your hard work and success!

DeMolay of the Year

Mason W. - Marion Chapter

Advisor of the Year

Dad Christopher Williams - Marion Chapter

Installation of our new State Line

The Banquet wrapped up with the installation of:

Eli J.
State Master Councilor

Nick R.
Deputy State Master Councilor

Dillon S.
State Scribe

Ethan T.
DMC for District 1

Gabriel S.
DMC for District 2

Jacob Z.
DMC for District 3

Collin P.
DMC for District 4

Eric R.
DMC for District 5

Jacob F.
DMC for District 6

Jacob C.
DMC for District 7

Jack M.
DMC for District 9

State Sweetheart Coronation

The evening continued with the Coronation of our new State Sweetheart, Miss Ana S. from First Coast Chapter. CONGRATULATIONS!

An Expression of Gratitude

The Conclave Staff

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Mom Athena Mock and her Conclave Staff. Without them, we would not have a Conclave. They put in countless hours of time and effort to make sure the Conclave Experience is enjoyed by EVERYONE.

We love you all, and look forward to many Conclaves to come!!!

The Athletic and Ritual Staff

Another big part of Conclave is our Athletic and Ritual competitions. Dad Jason Sinnott and Dad Shawn Lopez make sure these events go off fairly and without a hitch. They also have dedicated much time and effort to make sure these events are first class.

The Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Florida

For their generous sponsorship of our Tuesday Night Grand Banquet!


Your 2022-2023 Officers

Conclave 2022 is finished, and your new State Line is eager to get to work to make DeMolay Florida the best that it can be. You will see them a lot over the next year, so make sure you say "Hi", or ask for help if you need it. They are here for YOU, our members, who are the MOST IMPORTANT part of our Order!

Thank you ALL!!!