Ritual Excellence

The Ritual Excellence Program is available to all active DeMolay members of Florida to showcase their Ritual Proficiency. There are seven (7) categories of cards that can be obtained. After obtaining the White Proficiency Card, the remaining cards can be obtained in ANY order.

The categories and cards are as follows:

  • White - Examination Queries (card from DeMolay International)
  • Blue - Chapter Proficiency (ALL parts in Opening/Closing/9 O’Clock)
  • Green - Initiatory Degree (ALL parts in Initiatory Degree)*
  • Yellow - DeMolay Degree (ALL parts in the 1st-4th Sections)
  • Orange - 3 Public Ceremonies (Your Choice of Officially Published DeMolay International Public Ceremonies)
  • Red - 7 Preceptors (ALL 7 Preceptors)*
  • Gold - All 6 other levels

We want to invite and encourage ALL our members to take part in this program!

* - NOTE: If a member earns the Red - 7 Preceptors card first, they will not be required to perform the Preceptor parts when earning the Green - Initiatory Degree card. If the Green - Initiatory Degree card is earned, and the member does not hold the Red - 7 Preceptors card, then the Red - 7 Precpetors card will be granted with the Green - Initiatory Degree card.