A New Player Has Joined the Game

Our newest Membership Incentive is HERE and runs from January 1 - June 30, 2023!

Get $25 off the price of Concalve 2023 for EACH new member that joins DeMolay* that you were the 1st Line Signer for!!! You are still eligible for all other Membership Awards from DeMolay International and DeMolay Florida!

1st Line Sign petitions and get $25 toward Conclave 2023 registration. For example, 1st Line Sign 4 petitions and get $100 off your Conclave 2023 registration.

But wait, there's MORE! Each new member that is initiated during this time will also get $25 off their Conclave 2023 registration!!! Now, as now an active DeMolay, they are eligible to earn $25 off for each petition they are the 1st Line Signer on!!!

Let's go out and SHARE DeMolay to grow our Order and have a great time at Conclave 2023!!!

* - Only Active DeMolays are eligible to receive the $25 incentive.
Each petitioner must join DeMolay.
Each petitioner must have Form 10's submitted to DeMolay International.



Please use the fillable PDF New Member Application for all new members.

Membership Awards

Florida Specific Membership Awards

In addition to the several awards for Membership that the ISC offers, DeMolay Florida offers two more:

Defender of Florida DeMolay

The "Defender of DeMolay Florida" award is for Active DeMolays who First Line Sign two (2) New Members in the same calendar Year.

Commander of Florida DeMolay

The "Commander of DeMolay Florida" medal is awarded to a Master Councilor of a DeMolay Florida Chapter that reaches their annual membership goal, by initiating at least half of that goal within their term of office. Our Annual goal is currently set at eight (8) new members per Chapter. Therefore, a Master Councilor who initiates a minimum of four (4) new members in their term of office is qualified for this award. Both Master Councilors may qualify if they each initiate at least four (4) new members in each of their terms.

In the case of both awards, all paperwork must be correctly filed with DeMolay International and properly recorded in DeMolay International records before the new members count towards the award.